Black Life Group

Life Group Leaders: David & Julie Black

Contact:, 850.532.5693

What is your favorite book of the Bible? Tough call – I have several favorites like Daniel, John, and Colossians. But, I would have to settle on Ecclesiastes. It’s philosophical, yet deep with truth at the same time – and incredibly contemporary for our generation.

If you could perform miracles, what would you do? I would heal depression because I see it in so many people for so many reasons. Oh my, how many times I have wished I could just…”in the name of Jesus be gone” it! Maybe this is what they were doing when the cast out demons in the bible…?

What do you think God delights in above everything else? Innocent dependence – like when my child says to me, “I am so glad you are my daddy. You know what we ought to do…we should go out and spend some time together.” I believe that kind of simple attention melts God’s heart as much as it does mine :)

What made you decide to attend this church? I love this church and decided I was coming no matter what. Thankfully, they let me preach :)