Every Spring, our church extends a challenge to study an important topic over the course of 6-10 weeks.  This year, 2015, our Journey is called “What-If.”

We are asking core questions like, “What if Jesus was just a fraud?”  or “What if the Bible was just a bunch of good stories?”  Also, we will ask, “What if the church is just a club for hypocrites?”

We are attempting to get back to the core of things by putting Jesus, the Bible and the Church on trial.  What is the evidence and what will your verdict be?

Please come join us, April 5 – May 24 from 9:30 – 12:00. All are welcome.  We invite you to join the discussion and ask any tough questions you may have.  We at Church in the Falls believe that TRUTH can handle any question at all…if it can’t, its not real truth!