• Started December 26, 1943 when Bruce Thomas, who moved from Nashville to work in the Falls, was snowed in from attending the Thayer Street Church of Christ in East Akron. When Bruce’s ride, Cecil & Helen Smith, along with Helen’s mother Mae Fleming arrived, they discovered they were going no where. They decided instead to meet for church at Molly Davis’ home, a close neighbor at 324 Reed Avenue. Molly had been praying for an opportunity to start a church in Cuyahoga Falls, and so, the next week they decided to keep on gathering. The Church of Christ in Cuyahoga Falls was born.
    1. February 1944: the group rented a hall on Portage Trail between 2nd & 3rd
    2. June 1945: they moved into another hall above the city building on Front Street/Broad.
    3. 1947-1950: the church met at a larger hall above the East Ohio Gas office; became known as the “Front Street Church of Christ.” They hired their first full time minister: Robert Myers.


  • Grew to 40 by 1950: purchased, renovated & moved to the old Lutheran church on 4th Street.
    1. J. Nicklas was 2nd minister.
    2. George LeMasters & C. Koltenbaugh followed as the third and fourth ministers.
    3.  The church championed ideas of “congregational autonomy” and “freedom in Christ.”
    4. Planted the Ravenna Church of Christ & the Kent Church of Christ


  • Grew to 200 by 1960: J. Nicklas returned as preaching minister for a time followed by Doug LaCourse & Ron Laughery as the fifth and sixth ministers.
    1. The vision of the elders of this time was to “build a larger church building right in town; a church the neighbors could walk to; a church which belonged to & fit right into the community.” Purchased land for $35,000 & broke ground December 26, 1966.
    2. A 2nd concurrent full time minister, Jack Meyers & then a 3rd, Perry Henegar, were hired.


  • 1970’s were very active with evangelism:
    1. VBS, bus ministries & Children’s Bible Hour.
    2. Gospel meetings, correspondence courses & the Amazing Grace Bible Hour.
    3. Sending missionaries (Wayne Polk to preacher school & the Brazle’s to Belgium in ‘77)
    4. Helping churches (Minerva, Glen Falls, & Wooster Avenue)
    5. Marriage Encounter & cover-dishes!
    6. Jack Myers stepped in as the 7th preacher followed by Charles Pugh, John Rockhold & John Fisk as the 8th, 9th, & 10th.


  • In 1980’s: Built the Fellowship Hall, changed name to Church in the Falls.
    1. Rod Sheldon came on board as youth minister.
    2. Started the 49ers (senior citizen ministry), Teen Talk, the Youth Cruise, Rainbow Kids, Falls Family Chorus.
    3. Connected with World Christian Broadcasting radio ministry & expanded the building.
    4. Supported the Meeks family in Africa.
    5. Betty Drummond served as secretary volunteer from mid 50’s until August 1967. Then officially until March 1984. Juanita Carpenter took over from Betty.
    6. Barb Schray became the official church counselor.


  • In 1992, Jim Chilton stepped in as the 11th Preaching minister for about a year.
    1. In August 1993 CitF added Mark Brazle, its Belgian Missionary, as the 12th preaching minister
    2. Tammy Densmore stepped up to relieve Juanita until Jeanie Myers took over as secretary in 1998 and continued for around 12 years.


  • In 2010 Maria Hogan followed Jeanie as our church secretary.
    1. In August 2011, Rod Sheldon retired after 31 years, Mark Brazle began his transition back into the mission field & the church hired David Black as its 13th preaching minister.
    2. Mark, like Rod, served over 30 years in ministry to CitF. 16 as the church’s missionary to Belgium, 18 as its preaching minister & an additional 2 working with Worship & Families as he made the transition to Dallas in July 2013.
    3. In summer 2013 the church hired Jared Cooey (long time member) as a part time Worship Minister.
    4. In fall 2013 the church hired Michael Donnell as it’s Youth & Body Life Minister.