What’s next for us?

At Church in the Falls, we are always dreaming of what’s next and exploring ways to improve and expand our ministries, outreach, resources, and facilities so that God can better use us to seek and save the lost. Here are some things that we are currently working towards:

1. Putting the finishing touches on Phase 1 of our building renovation which has included:

  1. Building a larger stage in our auditorium
  2. Purchasing new chairs for our auditorium, fellowship hall, and adult classrooms
  3. Putting in new carpet for the auditorium, foyer, and hallways
  4. Remodeling and updating all five of our bathrooms
  5. Expanding our sound booth

2. Raising Funds and Beginning Phase 2 of our building renovation which will include:

  1. Sound engineering for our auditorium
  2. Advanced lighting for our auditorium
  3. An indoor playground

3. Continuing to advance our new instrumental Sunday worship service that we officially launched full time March 27, 2016.  It has been very successful, and we look forward to developing it even more.

4. 2016 is the year of Vision Seeking.  We are reading the whole bible through together in an attempt to learn to ‘dance to the beat of God’s heart.’  As we do this, the leadership at CitF is actively seeking God’s direction with regard to our Vision and Mission going forward.  We hope to have clarity beginning in 2017.

5. We are also actively pursuing the ordination of additional elders to help support the Vision and Mission that we are asking God to gives us.