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Messages of Love

Valentine’s Day is a reminder that we live in a world that embraces the character value of being able to love everyone at all times. The definition of love promoted by this day certainly covers a wide range of actions and attitudes, from the silly superficial to more serious expressions of romantic love.
Can any of you remember valentine messages you have received over the years? In my elementary school era I can actually remember making and signing valentine cards and distributing them to my classmates. This was supposed to be a way of conveying a sentiment that I cared for them. It was a fun exercise to complete. I must admit it was a “warm fuzzy” to receive a box full of cards in return even though that demonstration was certainly superficial at best.
Jumping ahead about twenty years from those elementary years, I discovered someone who I wanted to make my “valentine” for life on a much more serious level. There was certainly sentimental love involved, but there was also a much deeper desire to love and be loved in return on a level that far superseded those valentine exchanges in elementary school. If I ask myself where this deeper desire to commit to and pursue love on this scale originates, the answer always points to our Heavenly Father.
On an infinitely more profound level, we have all received a message of love from Him. God is love. His message of love is perfect in the sense that he always desires what is best for us. The love shown to us by the Father is not based on sentiment or emotion but on the fact we belong to Him, and we are His creation. We are His children. His love for us knows no bounds, as was demonstrated through the gift of his Son. That gift enables us to be seen by Him as holy and complete. His love knows no bounds. It is a love that guides us, provides for us, and protects us. This message of love is what sustains us and is reflected by us to the world. This is the message of true love that is needed by all. Let’s all strive to live out that message of love. ~ Doug

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