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Welcome to Sping-Thing

I am so excited to be on this journey with you.

I believe if we take this opportunity seriously and are aware of its potential impact; if we make these three ‘Be-Haviors’ & three ‘Be-Attitudes’ a core part of our life process, we will join with God in changing our world for the better. I believe this because God has instructed it and will empower it: “…the Holy Spirit will come on you and give you power. You will be my WITNESSES. You will tell people everywhere about me… in every part of the world.” Acts 1:8

These lessons will outline CitF’s Process to demonstrably & accountably become DOERS of the world. It’s not enough to come to church and simply LEARN. We must use that learning to DO! So as we go forward, someone will be able to ask, ‘who have you been Blessing, Eating with & Listening to this week?” and you will be able to take an account of how your life is reflecting the mission Jesus gave you. It will help you discern whether or not you are in fact a Witness. I hope I don’t need to point this out, but I will do it anyways. ‘Witness’ here does not mean you are a spectator… rather, it means you live in such a way that others spectate you. Even more specifically, that they see Jesus when they do!

This is how we put Wheels in the Bus… legs on our thoughts… it is what puts meat on the bones of our faith… it allows Faith to Work… it will become a simple system to express our BELIEF?

After each weekly lesson, I will give you simple, easy homework to begin developing your ‘system.’ It will be very easy, but just like in math, it will build upon itself each week to increase its impact over time. So join me, take it seriously, do the work because it’s easy and right. Then let’s watch God do the real work as we join him in co-laboring for the Kingdom?

REMEMBER these two things:
1. Who’s Job is it to build the church? (read Matthew 16:18)
2. Who’s Job is it to be Salty illuminating witnesses? (read Matthew 5:13-16)


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